Active Time
5 Mins
Total Time
5 Mins
Serves 4 (serving size: about 1 1/2 cups)

A lot of people give smoothies a short blend at full power, but that doesn’t give the best results. Starting at low speed and gradually increasing power lets the blades work better, breaking ingredients down evenly and at the same time. You’re looking for thickened liquid, but not “stand a spoon in it” thick. If the mixture is too thick, add a splash of water or milk to thin out the consistency. If it’s too thin, add a little more frozen fruit.


How to Make It

Step 1

Place almond milk and juice in a blender; top with beet greens, berries, beet, and banana. Start blender at lowest setting and gradually increase to one-third power; process for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Increase to half power; process 30 seconds or until very smooth.

Step 3

Let mixture stand 1 minute before serving.