The actress, singer, and food advocate shared a few parenting secrets with Cooking Light.

When she's not working on New Girl or recording music in the studio, Zooey Deschanel spends plenty of time focusing on the food she's eating, previously spearheading projects as a advocate for sustainable practices and wholesome nutrition.

As someone who enjoys a primarily plant-based diet, Deschanel has mastered on-the-go healthy eating habits while traveling and working abroad—including a few wise tips that she recently shared with Cooking Light.

Alongside Marcela Valladolid, co-host of The Kitchen, renowned cookbook author, and chef, Deschanel partnered with Capital One's Purpose Project, promoting purposeful travel.

“I travel all over the world, and I am usually always able to find an amazing vegetarian option.” Deschanel said, discussing traveling with dietary restrictions. “It’s really fun to see... what the vegetarian food of [a particular] region is.”

Deschanel revealed that her go-to snacks on the set of New Girl were apples and raw cashews, which kept the temptation to overeat at bay while being surrounded by a typically unhealthy craft service. Having access to fresh fruit and nuts as alternative snack options helps her stay fit, she said.

But how does Deschanel keep her family motivated to eat healthy as well, you might ask? It's simple—let the kids get their hands dirty! Whether it's tending to a family garden or involving the children in the kitchen, Deschanel says her two children are more likely to eat all their food if she takes the time to allow them to help bring food to the table (or, in this case, high-chair).

“What I love to see is how they discover foods when they see them growing,” Deschanel said, referring to a shared family garden. We can add “green thumb” to her long list of talents.

More ways for your children to safely help in the kitchen:

She also loves to bake banana bread with her kids, as there are many fun hands-on ways to get them involved in prep—baking is also a sneaky way to add more fruit into their diet. Deschanel likes to experiment with different healthy baking varieties, trying new ingredients like coconut or almond flour to provide her kids with well-rounded options.