The rapidly expanding Zoe's Kitchen will soon tout items that you can safely enjoy during your Whole30 experience.

Fans of Whole30, the famously restrictive diet that people love, hate, or love/hate, will tell you that eating out while on the diet can be a recipe for a disaster. But one better-for-you chain is creating a Whole30-approved menu at all of their restaurants.

Zoë's Kitchen, the fast-casual chain best known for its wholesome Mediterranean offerings, has announced a partnership with the official Whole30 program—and is one of the first readily recognizable chains that Whole30 has endorsed.

The 30-day holistic nutritional reset is partly influenced by a traditional Mediterranean diet, which makes the protein-rich—and sugar, dairy, legumes, and dairy-averse—meals at Zoë's a natural fit for the program. According to a joint press release from both brands, dieters will be able to dine on an exclusive Whole30-curated menu of dishes designed to help them stay the course.

“I am always looking for ways to make the Whole30 easier and more accessible for my community,” says Melissa Hartwig, CEO of the Whole30 brand. “Our fans and followers are going to love the Zoës Kitchen Whole30 approved menu.”

Zoë's Kitchen currently operates more than 200 stores in 17 different states, and growing.

It's unclear as to what the new menu will look like, but Hartwig did share that some of the more popular existing Zoë's dishes were updated to meet Whole30 guidelines. To build awareness about the new partnership and highlight the nutritional benefits of a Mediterranean approach to cuisine, Zoë's will launch events in a few select cities through July, where Whole30 "experts" will be available to speak with customers.

And the chain is planning to hand out free food, too.