A really good reminder to check your fresh produce this summer.

It's any home cook's worst nightmare—grapes that bite back. It became reality earlier this week for one shopper in Branford, Connecticut, after she ripped into a bag of newly purchased grapes only to find something she didn't quite bargain for.

The Associated Press reports that the shopper, who has chosen to remain anonymous, headed to a local Stop & Shop store in Branford on Monday to pick up some groceries for her family, including a pre-packaged bunch of fresh grapes for her 11-year-old son. It wasn't until the mother and her son were halfway through eating the grapes that they noticed a fully grown Black Widow spider inside of the bag.

Luckily, neither the mother or son were harmed by the Black Widow—and no, they did not accidentally bite into the potentially deadly spider. And like any smart shopper would, the woman chose to bring back the organic grapes to the Shop & Stop where she got a full refund. In fact, Stop & Shop offered her a double refund for a terrifying situation that just might have that household off grapes for a while.

Think this is terrifying? Read on:

A local team of NBC Connecticut journalists reached out to Stop & Shop for comment, and the Northeastern grocery chain got back to them immediately with a statement:

“Stop & Shop and our grape growers take necessary measures to keep spiders out of the grapes that are sold," part of the statement reads. "Despite that effort, it is possible for a spider to get into the bunches as they are a part of the natural, organic environment.”

Apparently, Stop & Shop says their organic grapes come from a supplier in California—NBC has reached out to that supplier, but has yet to hear back.

Meanwhile, the rather unlucky shopper hopes her story inspires other home cooks to take a closer look at their fresh purchases—a great piece of advice for anyone this summer.