You can now order three different kinds of breakfast sandwiches featuring fresh veggies and faux cheese in some stores.
Credit: ©  RJ Sangosti / Getty Images

The shelves at Whole Foods Markets are lined with more and more plant-based options—including items like Hodo tofu, Beyond Meat vegan sausage, and the now-viral tempeh, tomato, lettuce, and avocado (TTLA) sandwich. The latest, which is currently being tested in select markets, might actually draw you into Whole Food stores when you least expected to be there: First thing in the morning.

Whole Foods will offer three new vegan breakfast sandwiches served on the hot food bar later this month. Currently, shoppers can snag the morning treat at 58 Whole Foods locations throughout Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona, and the Las Vegas metro area, according to Veg News.

Whole Foods' vegan egg product comes from EatGUD’s gluten-free chickpea patty, and customers can choose from three sandwich varieties featuring the patty at the hot deli counter.

These include The "Very Veggie" with Kite Hill vegan cream cheese (which we named a taste-test award winner back in 2015), roasted mushrooms, sliced tomato, and baby spinach; "The Spicy Soyrizo" featuring soy-based chorizo, vegan chipotle aioli, and Good Planet vegan cheddar; and The Bacon V’Egg & Cheese combining Lightlife tempeh bacon (which we love in the TTLA sandwich), as well as Good Planet vegan cheddar. Whole Foods' has yet to release the full nutritional information for these new items.

More vegan foods that have caught our eye:

Megan Tucker, Whole Foods' prepared foods associate coordinator, told VegNews, “Creating a vegan breakfast sandwich has been on my list for years, but I couldn’t figure out how our stores could do it. EatGUD owner David Medak and I started working together on new products last year. After he launched some garbanzo-based items for his grab-and-go line, I realized EatGUD could make a vegan egg for us.”

Unfortunately, the Whole Foods' team hasn't announced if or when they'll bring these hot vegan options to all stores—but that doesn't mean you can't get started on enjoying more plant-based options at home while you wait. Cooking Light's three-day meal plan focuses on incorporating delicious plant-based alternatives into your diet, including breakfast options for those who are looking for vegan breakfasts.