Signs indicating new discounts for Prime members were put up—and quickly taken down—at one Austin location.
Credit: Smith Collection/Gado Getty Images

When new signs indicating discounts for Prime members popped up at a Whole Foods supermarket in Austin last week, savvy social media users couldn't help but share the exciting news.

A slew of wide, blue banners promising Amazon Prime members "special deals just for you" appeared alongside flyers which informed shoppers that Amazon Prime members would save an extra 10 percent off sale items already discounted at Whole Foods.

But it appears that Amazon might have let the cat out of the bag too soon—the signs, which went up on on Wednesday afternoon, were taken down by Thursday morning, CNBC reports. Whole Foods representatives confirmed that the promotions are not official, and the marketing material is being tested before any new program takes effect.

But fans of the brand have been vocal in their hopes that, at some point, Amazon will roll out the substantial discount to Prime shoppers in their Whole Foods stores. Clearly, any additional discounts for diehard Whole Foods shoppers are welcome—and the additional discount might even persuade a few to sign up for Prime as well.

These discounts could be the latest addition to a list of growing perks for Prime members who shop at Whole Foods: In February, Amazon announced it would be giving its Visa rewards cardholders 5 percent back on each purchase made at the supermarket. And earlier this year, the e-commerce giant made headlines when it launched same-day, 2-hour delivery for Amazon Prime members in select Whole Foods markets.

We're unsure of when (and if) the additional 10 percent discount of sale items will kick in for Prime members, but if one thing is for sure, it's that Amazon is exploring how they can implement a loyalty program in their recently acquired fleet of Whole Foods stores across the nation. The grocer reportedly shared a plan for its new loyalty program with many of its suppliers in late March, and more details are expected to be released soon.