But there's a small catch, for now.
Credit: Getty: ablokhin

Back in February, Jamie Vespa, our assistant nutrition editor and all-around health maven, couldn't contain her excitement when she discovered that Whole Foods' new nut butter station saved her quite a bit of money. Whole Foods is jumping on the nut-based product train and is now testing a station where shoppers can fill bottles with fresh almond milk.

The new DIY store feature is in partnership with vegan startup brand NüMilk, which offers Whole Foods’ shoppers two different varieties of organic almond milk via a new self-serve machine. There's an option to buy pre-bottled nut milk in the refrigerated section for $3.99, but shoppers can also fill an empty bottle with freshly made almond milk from the machine for the same price.

The concept has captured attention from plant-based (and lactose-intolerant) enthusiasts on social media, with some comparing the idea to that of a personalized soda dispenser—except, you know, for almond milk.

The only downfall? For now, the new DIY almond milk bar is only being tested in two locations—both in New Jersey.

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"I can confirm that we currently have the machines in two of our New Jersey stores: Paramus and West Orange," says Rachel Malish, a global public relations representative for Whole Foods Market. "The almond milk is made fresh to order and includes only four ingredients: filtered water, almonds, Himalayan pink salt and maple syrup (optional, for sweetness)."

Malish says that the NüMilk machines are part of a pilot test being run by Whole Foods' Northeast regional team—but if the test succeeds in that region, there's a chance this concept could roll out to stores near you.