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Howdy, and happy Friday! Yes, Chef Dog is still here (scroll down).

Here's What's Cooking on April 23, 2021!

As most of you know, April 22 was Earth Day, which is when people all over the world demonstrate both their love for our planet and their support for protecting the environment. It's a beautiful thing, because this is a beautiful home. And last I checked, we've only got the one. So let's be good to her, shall we?

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If you'd like some ideas on where to start, here are a few ways you can do your part:*

  • Practice purchasing ethically and sustainably raised seafood. Our recent article covers what it means for seafood to be sustainable, how you can tell if what you've been purchasing is, and where to find it if it isn't.
  • Grow your own food...from what you were going to throw away. There are a multitude of different herbs and vegetables that you can grow from scraps to both reduce your food waste and save trips to the store.
  • Eat more plant-based proteins. Learn some easy tips for veggie-based meal prep here.
  • Fertilize organically. Instead of using chemicals to make your plants thrive, opt for this all-organic secret weapon instead. Your plants won't regret it. Your nose? Eh.


  • "The planetary health diet could be the key to improving the health of Earth and the people who inhabit it." Learn more about eating to minimize your environmental impact here. (SHAPE)
  • Ever wonder what the 5 best foods are for the environment? What about the five worst? Well, wonder no more! (REAL SIMPLE)
  • Even more information on how to "eat like a climatarian for a healthy planet and a healthy you." There's some really great info here. (REAL SIMPLE)


  • Want your own garden, but not sure where to begin? Southern Living has five handy tips that can help. (SOUTHERN LIVING)
  • Add some color to your yard or garden that will keep coming back year after year. Check out this list of 16 flowering perennials and then plant some earth. (BETTER HOMES & GARDENS)
  • Don't worry, we've got your indoor houseplant fix covered, too. Snag a unique succulent that's both beautiful and low maintenance here. Did we mention its flowers smell like vanilla? (BETTER HOMES & GARDENS)


  • It's really a beautiful planet. You should see more of it. Start by visiting 15 of the most serene lakes the United States has to offer. (MARTHA STEWART)
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  • What's Earth Day without some consideration for your furry friends? Here are six plants to make sure your animals avoid for health and safety reasons. (SOUTHERN LIVING)


  • Lastly, we leave you with four simple tasks to make your home more eco-friendly. These came from Martha, too, so you know they're good. (MARTHA STEWART)

See you next week. Be good to each other, and be good to the planet! It's what Chef Dog would want.

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*author was a poet and didn't even know it