Once he settled on what he liked before a show, he kept eating it every time.

Musician John Legend and ballerina Misty Copeland have partnered with Naked juice to promote the Drink Good, Do Good Campaign. The famous duo are asking consumers to perform a shopping cart dance and post a video of it with #FillYourCartForGood. Naked juice has pledged for every video posted with the hashtag, they will donate a cart of produce to communities in need to help Americans access affordable and quality fruits and vegetables.

We had the chance to sit down with the amazingly talented Legend and Copeland to talk about their healthy (and not so healthy) eating habits. And what did we really want to ask the “All of Me” singer? We wanted this dreamboat to dish on what he eats to prep for a big performance.

“I have a regimen. It’s not for any real reason—I’m not superstitious. Once I kind of settled on what I liked before my show I just kept eating it every time,” Legend revealed.

“It’s just a roasted chicken with some vegetables. It’s very simple. I like it nice and juicy and flavorful. It makes me feel like, ‘I’m ready to go sing now.’” And after a show? Legend settles down with a simple cup of tea.

While we’re still waiting for that invite to sip some tea together (refresh inbox, refresh inbox, refresh...), Legend spilled on what he’d serve our staff if we were lucky enough to snag an invite to dine with him at home.

Though, he says he’s not into light cooking quite the way we are, he fantasized about quite the menu. We could get with his choices though—including fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and a soulful cabbage that has our mouths watering.

“That’s the kind of food I grew up on, and to me that feels like home and that’s what you do when you have company coming over Sunday after church. That’s my go-to meal, but Chrissy has a plethora of them,” Legend said. “We love to cook for people. It’s such a huge part of how we interact with our friends and family.”

We were thrilled to know if we managed to get a coveted dinner invite to Legend’s home, we’d also get to sit down with the stunning model, super-mom, and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen. What a dream. Legend even says the picture perfect couple tends to cook together when they’re both home.

“We’ll settle on what we’re interested in cooking that day. We’ll order the groceries. I will usually help with any chopping,” he said. “Chrissy is usually the leader and I’m like the sous chef. I’ll help with whatever she needs me to do.”

But what about the kiddos? The happy couple recently welcomed their second child into the family, so would they be joining us too?

Legend told us probably not. “Luna eats at an earlier time than we eat dinner, but we sit with her while she eats and we may pick a little bit off of hers,” he said. “But we’ll have a whole separate meal later. She’s in bed by the time we have dinner. In that sense our meals haven’t changed that much.”

Legend added that his daughter, Luna, is particularly into eating pasta these days. Well, we unfortunately aren’t getting to dine with the all star family any time soon, but we’ll gladly make a big batch of macaroni and cheese while listening to his latest album in his honor.