Winner winner, chicken dinner?

Ree Drummond is the host of Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman and has written four cookbooks. You’d think she’d be whipping up extravagant, complicated meals every night, but her favorite weeknight dinner is surprisingly simple for home cooks to tackle in their own kitchens. Drummond recently revealed that her go-to weeknight dinner is roasted chicken drumsticks coated in fresh lemon juice.

As Food Network Magazine details in this article, Drummond says her recipe for roasted lemon chicken legs is her favorite to make for dinner during the week—and it makes sense, given that the recipe is a sheet-pan dinner that comes together in about 20 minutes. Drumsticks are super affordable, especially for feeding a large family, and since you're already using the oven you could easily toss in a side of roasted veggies.

Ree's recipe only calls for six ingredients (most of which you probably already have in your kitchen), and uses a gallon Ziploc bag to briefly marinate the chicken.

To make it, simply toss the amount of chicken you want to make in the plastic bag, squeeze a few fresh lemons (toss those in, too!), add smashed garlic cloves, and pour a generous amount of olive oil over the mixture to finish. A pinch of salt and pepper is last before you shake the thing up and let it sit in your fridge.

"This is a pretty quick marinade and it makes the chicken really delicious," Ree says. If you're meal prepping, the chicken mixture can marinate for up to six hours. Place the chicken on a sheet pan—add a cooling rack if you want the chicken skin to be extra crispy—and into an oven preheated to 450 degrees. You can confidently walk away and come back in just 18 minutes to a versatile main that pairs well with pretty much any side.

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At the end of the video attached to the recipe, Drummond says she places the chicken into the fridge to enjoy tomorrow—and says that the chicken tastes even better when served cold (meal prep, anyone?)

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