Who knew a serving tray could be so dangerous?
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You would probably not be surprised to learn that knives are the most dangerous things in your kitchen, but did you know the second most dangerous things are your plates? That's the word coming from a giant analysis of emergency room data published by Porch, an online home improvement service.

Porch got all their data from the Orwellian-sounding National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which isn't as scary as it sounds—it's run by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and is basically a collection of all the ways that visitors to emergency rooms say that they have been injured, and what caused the injuries.

Knives are at the top of the list, naturally. More than 320,000 people had to visit a hospital due to knife wound at one point or another last year (and this year's statistics will include The View cohost Joy Behar), but the rest of those sneakily dangerous items causing serious injuries are actually surprising.

The second most dangerous item in kitchens appears to be tableware, including bowls, plates, and serving trays, which (out of every high-tech gadget and sharp object in our kitchens) seem innocent enough. But these items can cut deep when shattered, and definitely can cause a serious burn when heated—which more than 90,000 people in 2017 learned the hard way.

The third worst offender is glassware, another object that can cause damage upon impact, with an additional 56,000 plus visits to the emergency room. And they don't even have to break. Ever dropped a jar on your foot? Apparently, it can cause a trip to the hospital.  

Porch's data is extremely detailed—they've broken down how many people visited the emergency room and why, including the object that caused the injury and what the injury was (including "internal ingestions," eek!)—and there's a good chance you'll spend a lot of time pouring over the compelling infographic.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Porch.com.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Porch.com.

There's plenty more on the list that will surprise you, but maybe most shockingly is the fact that some of what you may believe to be the *most* dangerous items in your kitchen do not appear on the list at all. Porch included data for items that caused less than 3,500 trips to emergency rooms in 2017, and the items that are the least dangerous include contraptions like garbage disposals, deep fryers, can openers, slow cookers (which scared many fans of This Is Us earlier this year), and pressure cookers. Perhaps they just look properly dangerous enough that people tend to be… wary.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Porch.com.

If anything, this data reminds us that the kitchen is a dangerous place to be in—which is why we should always take safety seriously and do our best to practice safe techniques at home.