These gifts will help them make time for what really matters—them. 
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Having good wellness and self-care is just about making time for yourself and your needs. It can mean remembering to make (and keep) your doctor's appointments, and it can also mean buying yourself a nice new piece of lounge or athletic wear. In the spirit of taking care of ourselves and others, here are 12 gifts to help your loved ones make time for what really matters—them. Ready for positive vibes only?

1. Self-care planner 

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Buy: Self-Care Planner, $39.97; 

Speaking of making and keeping your doctor's appointments—organize your workday and your personal to-dos in one aesthetic planner. We love the front pages where you can write your self-care goals and design your ideal daily routine. Daily agenda pages have prompts for water, exercise, self-care, gratitude, and personal goals. 

2. Weighted eye mask for sleep, headaches, and meditation

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Buy: Imak Compression Mask, $13.54; 

Using a weighted eye mask has been a game-changer for us while meditating. Wearing the mask and meditating while laying down helps you release tension in your eyes and sink into yourself and out of swirling thoughts and anxieties. This mask is also designed by a physician to relieve headaches and can be popped in the freezer for pain relief or de-puffing. 

3. Hope cards 

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Buy: Hope Cards, $35; 

This 28-card deck of hand-painted affirmations can be used in myriad ways to uplift and inspire. Pull a random card when you need centering; pick a card every morning to set your intentions; place them around your house as inspiration; take them with you if you get anxious on plane rides. The list goes on. Learn more on their website and check out their Hope Cards for kids

4. Artisanal dark chocolate bars

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Buy: Raaka Dark Chocolate Library Gift Box, $50 for 8 bars or $30 for 3 bars;

Heart-healthy dark chocolate is full of antioxidants (more than green tea and wine) and sleep-enhancing magnesium. It's also delicious. This 3- or 8-piece vault from Raaka features 82% dark chocolate swirled with flavors like coconut milk, cabernet sauvignon, green tea, pink salt, bananas foster, and more. Maybe buy one for yourself, too. 

5. Athletic wear that keeps you (and the planet) safe

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ALWRLD's highly engineered, eco-friendly leggings and tops feature reflective details to keep you safe on night runs, bike rides, and walks. Using recycled fishing nets, the brand has created a fabric that's anti-pill, breathable, sweat-wicking, and stylish. The leggings (from $98) have a high rise and tailored darts and details to make you feel secure and, frankly, snatched. 

6. Heat therapy pillow with acupressure 

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Buy: Kanjo Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow, $40;

If they struggle with stomach, neck, or leg pains, this hot water bottle is designed with BPA-free plastic nodes to stimulate acupressure points. Simply fill with hot water and apply it to bare skin with light pressure from body weight or hands. 

7. Hydro Flask

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Buy: 32-Ounce Hydro Flask, $49.95; 

The rule of thumb for water is to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. So a few refills of this 32-ounce Hydro Flask will help your loved one stay hydrated and glowing. Stainless steel and BPA-free with 12 color options, Hydro Flasks keep water cold for hours and hours and are basically indestructible. 

8. Help falling asleep 

Credit: Highline Wellness

Buy: CBD Dusk Kit, $75 (sale price);

The Highline Wellness CBD Dusk Kit is the ultimate gift to improve a rocky sleep schedule. If they're a night owl or their mind races when their head hits the pillow, these zero-THC, hemp-derived CBD-melatonin gummies (10mg CBD, 5 mg melatonin) will help them get some rest. To up the ante, they can pamper themselves with CBD bath bombs, body cream, and oil. 

9. Supplement and medication organizer 

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Buy: Moroici pill organizer, $10.99; 

Taking vitamins and medications at the proper times is definitely self-care. This BPA-free organizer splits up day/night pills, with each compartment being able to hold 12 to 20 pills. 

10. Foam roller 

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Buy: 321 Strong Foam Roller, $26.99; 

Runners and athletes swear by foam-rolling for muscle massage and pain relief, and rollers can also be used as part of a pre-workout stretching and mobility routine. (One Amazon reviewer used it, with much success, to relieve lower back pain.) Even better, start your morning with a stretch and some foam-rolling. 

11. A sleep mask for glowy skin 

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Buy: WLDKAT Starflower and Snow Mushroom Ultra-Hydrating Sleep Mask, $25;

WLDKAT's Starflower and Snow Mushroom Ultra-Hydrating Sleep Mask is a non-greasy, moisture-packed cream that plumps skin overnight. Harnessing adaptogenic mushrooms and essential fatty acids, it's the perfect addition to a winter nighttime routine to wake up feeling glowy and refreshed. 

12. The ultimate pillow for side sleepers 

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Buy: The Yana Body Pillow, $199; 

We're talking a lot about sleep on this list because it's kind of important for basically everything—brain health, aging, immunity, stress, heart disease... For side sleepers who toss and turn or get pins and needles in their arms from body weight pressure, The Yana Body Pillow is here to cradle you on cloud nine. U-shaped, organic, cooling, and with a removable cover, the Yana has a natural fill and fits comfortably on a queen bed with two people.