The rebranding includes new rewards for starting healthy habits.

Weight Watchers announced a total rebrand this morning, which includes the shift from Weight Watchers to the name WW, a brand new logo and color palette, and the new slogan Wellness that Works. The new WW will place less importance on weight loss and instead prioritize overall wellness—whether that means eating healthier, moving more, or developing a positive mindset.

The company has made these changes based on science, and will include additional changes within the next few months, according to the WW website. An email was sent to members this morning that read, “You’re going to see us show up in different ways and different places over the coming days and weeks. You’ll notice a fresh new look in everything we do, and that’s just the beginning”

As of now, WW has shared a few major changes on their road to wellness. Beginning October 4, members can partake in WellnessWins, which works like a credit card rewards program. Participants will earn points for healthy habits, which they can later redeem for products and experiences, according to USA Today. WW has also partnered with Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness application, to create custom content for WW subscribers.

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Additionally, some of the traditional Weight Watchers products will get an upgrade. WW plans to release a line of kitchen tools and cookbooks called WW Healthy Kitchen and all WW branded food products will no longer have artificial sweeteners, coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. Lastly, to promote their wellness for all campaign, the new WW Good program is aimed to make overall health accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Though it’s unclear at this time what this program will entail, we’re excited that WW is prioritizing health and wellness as a whole and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.