First off, it’ll go by WW instead of Weight Watchers.

You may recall that last September Weight Watchers revealed a brand new name and slogan. The 55-year-old global wellness and weight loss company will now go by the much trimmer "WW."

But they’re not just stopping with a company rebranding. WW is also rolling out several new digital features to encourage their members to embrace health beyond a diet. And as an on-and-off WW member, I’m pretty darn excited.

WW is partnering with audio fitness app Aaptiv to provide members with on-demand digital workouts. When members sign up for WW Freestyle, they’ll gain access to Aaptiv’s personal trainers and be able to sync their workouts with Fitpoints.

Fitpoints—points assigned by WW for specific activities—are also changing. Once a one-size-fits-all number, Fitpoints (and your weekly Fitpoints goal) are now more tailored to each person. In the past, for example, a 60-minute, moderate-intensity spin class was worth 8 Fitpoints for everyone, but now it could be worth more or less, depending on your height, weight, gender, and intensity of the workout. Members also have the (optional) opportunity to exchange Fitpoints for extra food points during the week.

This is also exciting: For doing basic things like logging your meals and working out, you could win “WellnessWins prizes” such as clothing, fitness gear, or even a month-long subscription to Rent the Runway. As someone who struggles to stay motivated and often forgets to log meals, this is a game changer. Especially because I don’t attend WW workshops, I could see these prizes becoming a way to stay incentivized to perform and track my habits.

"Our new partnerships and digital innovations will revolutionize the way people experience WW Freestyle, allowing for a more personalized, holistic wellness ecosystem," said Mindy Grossman, president and chief executive officer at WW, in a press release. "The products, experiences, and programs we continue to provide help people build healthy behaviors that fit into their lives and advance our goal of making wellness accessible to all."

Wellness seems to be one theme WW is definitely embracing, and they’re also choosing to place importance on their members’ mental health, too. WW has partnered with Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app, to curate specific content for the WW members. Their goal? To help members maintain a positive mindset, which can be important during a (sometimes overwhelming) weight loss journey.

You can also get motivation from WW’s new “Connect Groups,” where you can find members with similar interests. You can select groups based on food, age, your wellness journey, activity, mindset, or hobbies. So whether you’re a 60-year-old vegan woman who gardens, or a 20-something who loves to hike and travel, you can find like-minded people who are doing WW, too. Pretty cool, right?

"We are putting our decades of behavior change expertise to work, giving members access to resources and tools that will help them develop healthy habits for real life," said Chief Scientific Officer, Gary Foster, PhD. "These new enhancements to our app will help inspire people to eat healthier, move more, develop a helpful mindset to ultimately, help them live healthier, happier lives."