Instagram is serving up the lightest versions of deliciously sweet watermelon cake—here are 10 versions we can't wait to try ourselves.
Credit: Getty: picalotta.

When it comes to refreshing sweet treats for hot summer days, we thought we'd seen it all—until we stumbled upon Jennifer Emilson's stunning three-tiered watermelon cake adorned with an impressive array of blueberries and figs. 

Emilson is the face of The Lemon Apron, a site the recipe developer and food stylist launched to highlight her approach to healthy at-home cooking. Her take on the Internet's latest viral concept (a fervor which may or may not have been inspired by Posh Spice herself) is just one of many iterations of fun recipes that you can also feel good about—and her Instagram snapshot has spawned a lot of buzz on Cooking Light's Instagram platform. 

Watermelon cake lends itself to be a fun kitchen experience for each and every home cook who decides to bring their own version to life—and there's no need for a set recipe. While you can check Emilson's upcoming Insta stories for a tutorial on how she makes hers, there are plenty of other home cooks who have also styled their watermelons into some beautiful cakes. 

Take a gander at our favorite finds. They may make you want to give the ultimate healthy dessert a try in your own kitchen: 

The Classic Tiered Option

Cookbook author Silvia Colloca stays true to the classic tiered shape of a watermelon cake and incorporates a slew of berries and fruit into the piece.

Citrus Tiered Cake

We love how this Instagram user incorporated a hint of fresh citrus with oranges on the top of her tiered watermelon cake.

Watermelon Incorporated Into a Classic Dessert

This user took a snapshot of what appears to be a watermelon tiramisu—can you marry the classic flavors of a layered dessert with fresh watermelon, too? 

Simply Topped, Beautifully Plated

A watermelon cake doesn't always have to be tiered—and if you take the time to plate your fresh slab of juicy watermelon, it's just as breathtaking. 

Where's the Icing?!

A true cake has some sort of whipped, delectable topping—and so we applaud this bakery, who offers a watermelon cake with piped fresh cream right smack on the top.

 Layers, Layers, Layers

Another version of a classic layered cake where a thick slab of watermelon is the star on the show. 

An Entire Watermelon Feast

Who says you need to keep the watermelon reinvention wheel just to dessert? This Instagram user made not only a tiered watermelon cake—but accompanying watermelon kabobs, too. 

Deconstructed Watermelon Sweets

You don't have to enjoy watermelon  just in it's cake form—you can have even more fun with watermelon as a dessert if your imagination is as vivid as these options. 

Simply Beautiful

The watermelon cake is our favorite summer treat of 2018: no recipes needed, and anyone can join in on the fun!