Don’t risk injury—here’s how to tell if your Vitamix is part of the recall.
Credit: Cooking Light

Smoothies are a delicious (and nutritious) breakfast or snack, but if you make yours in a Vitamix blender, you may want to think twice about pressing “puree.” This week, the company issued a voluntary recall of over 105,000 blender containers due to “laceration risk.”

The blender containers are reportedly separating from their bases and exposing the blade. So far nearly a dozen users have suffered cut hands.

Vitamix is recalling 20-ounce blending cups and 8-ounce blending bowls compatible with the Ascent and Venturist series blenders. The blades have date codes showing they were manufactured during or before March 2018.

The affected blender parts were sold at Costco, Williams-Sonoma, and on Vitamix's website between April 2017 and July 2018.

Vitamix released a statement on Twitter warning customers who use their Ascent and Venturist series:

To see if your machine is part of the recall, look at the base of your blender for the date. The date codes are etched into the base and are written as MM-YY (for example, February 2018 would be written as 02-18).

According to Consumer Reports, “If a green or orange dot appears on the bottom of the blade base, the container has already been repaired.” Additionally, benders made after March 2018 have a new design, and are not affected by the recall.

According to Vitamix’s recall statement on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website, “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled blending containers and call Vitamix at 888-847-8842 for a free repair kit.” If you’re not sure, you can also go to the Vitamix’s website to see if you have a recalled product.