There’s a new hazelnut spread in town, and I am here for it.  

It’s not always easy being vegan, but it’s become much less of a hassle over the years as awareness around the benefits of a vegan diet has grown and new plant-based products seem to hit the shelves each week. However, one new product has most recently changed my life for the better, and its name is Hella.

Hella is essentially vegan Nutella and actually tastes like it instead of just a decent dairy-free substitute for the spread. It is rich, creamy, and certainly satisfies my demanding sweet tooth. It’s also made of only three ingredients—roasted hazelnuts, cacao nibs, and coconut sugar—all of which are organic (and paleo, if that’s your thing.)

Since the ingredients are simple, I don’t feel badly occasionally treating myself with a dollop of the spread on my morning oatmeal, using it as a fruit dip, or just shamelessly spooning it out of the container. Plus, its nutrition facts stack up pretty well.

A typical serving of Nutella is one tablespoon, while a serving of Hella allows you to eat double, so we’ll compare based on a two-tablespoon serving (which is likely the amount of Nutella you are consuming, anyways).

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A serving of Hella has 144 calories, 10g of fat (only 1g is saturated), 8g of sugar, and an impressive 4g of fiber. This stacks up much better than two tablespoons of Nutella, which has 200 calories, 4g of saturated fat, and 22g of sugar! Dairy-eating friends, you just might want to try this too.

Hella is made by Bubble Goods, which has all kinds of intriguing and trendy foods, powders, beverages, and cocktail ingredients. All of Bubble Goods’ products are made from whole, real ingredients and have been developed by chefs, nutritionists, and wellness experts.