The latest vegan item from Trader Joe's is causing quite the frenzy.  
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Any die-hard Trader Joe's fan will tell you that TJ’s frozen meals and snacks are the best, but that doesn't always mean they're healthy (eye-popping sodium counts are often an issue for frozen meals.) The latest item to hit the ready-to-eat aisle, however, is relatively low in sodium and calories. Plus, it’s jam-packed with protein—and it's vegan, too! Surprisingly, it's not made by Trader Joe's, which is famous for its private label brands.

Frozen vegan "chick'n" tenders made by Lightlife, a food brand known for its convenience vegan and vegetarian meals, are now being sold in Trader Joe's stores, according to the social media posts of adoring fans who have fallen in love with this new offering.



Many home cooks who have already tried the new product shared their thoughts online—"I just love how accessible it is to eat vegan food now!” one user wrote.

Lightlife's vegan chicken tender product is certified GMO-free and is made with soy protein concentrate, tapioca starch, onion, garlic, and paprika to give it a believable chicken flavor. A serving (three tenders) will set you back just 100 calories and 360mg of sodium—but you'll gain more than 18g of protein per serving.

Best part? A whole pack only costs $2.99.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Lightlife.

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These chicken tenders are just one of many new plant-based products Trader Joe's has introduced to stores over the last few months. Products like a vegan rainbow wrap and a frozen jackfruit curry meal are now ready-to-eat items that meat-free dieters can look forward to enjoying at home. In fact, Trader Joe's is keeping a running list of all these special diet-friendly items online for you to check periodically.