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My after-work ritual goes a little like this: Get home, unwind by petting my cat, pour a glass of wine, and start dinner prep. Sometimes I shake things up and pour a glass before petting Boudin. I’m unpredictable like that.

I love my routine, but there’s a catch—I limit myself to a glass a night, which means I always have an open bottle or two in the fridge. There’s nothing wrong with sipping wine from a day-old bottle, but it definitely loses some of the flavor and freshness as the week goes on.  

One solution I’ve been eyeing? This best-selling, $12 vacuum pump that removes air from bottles, keeping both red and white wine fresh for up to a week after opening. The handy gadget has racked up more than 2,500 perfect five-star reviews and is even a number one best-seller in the wine stoppers category on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

Buy it: $12; amazon.com

The Vacu Vin Wine Saver has been a crowd favorite among wine lovers for decades, in part because of how incredibly simple it is to use. Just insert the stopper (two are included with this set), pump the pump until you hear it “click,” and your beloved vino is good to go.

“Great for keeping your wine fresh over time,” writes one reviewer who bartends. “The pump works well and has a nice audible click when you are finished pumping. The plugs fit easily into wine bottles and the knob on top very easily lets air back into the bottle for easy pulling.”

Reviewers also say the vacuum and stoppers are easy to clean. And at just $12, it’s a great bang for your buck.

“For the small amount of money this cost I have already saved that much or more in wine,” raves another customer. “We usually never finish a whole bottle and then put it to the side for a couple of days before having another glass. We used to use regular wine stoppers or the old cork and in a few days the wine turns and becomes undrinkable. Now the wine seems to last a week or so and is still good.”

The pumps work so well, some reviewers describe using it to preserve non-wine liquids, too, like coffee, whiskey, or olive oil.

“I pour the beans into a clean wine bottle, seal with Vacu Vin, and place the bottle into an opaque bag to keep dark,” describes an innovative reviewer. “No batteries, no electricity, and keeps beans much fresher than the resealable bags in which they are purchased!”

So, if you’re like me and are looking for an affordable, easy way to keep your wine fresher for longer, the Vacu Vin Wine Saver might just be the perfect gadget to add to your kitchen.