It's a variation of a tool that we use in our pantry cabinets, too.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

One of the best gadgets I came across in 2017 is a tool that doubled the space in my kitchen by adding a low-height shelf in my cabinets. The adjustable shelf can be found for just $10 (like this one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond), and has hundreds of positive reviews from shoppers online. I thought I had totally maxed out my cabinet space, until I stumbled upon a new adjustable shelf that’s designed for the cabinet underneath your sink.

The team at Apartment Therapy knows the cabinet under your sink often becomes a catch-all for things like rolls of paper towels, trash bags, and random cleaning supplies. So they found an adjustable shelving unit that can help corral those oft-overlooked items.

Most kitchen sinks have exposed piping (especially if you have a garbage disposal.) That’s why you wouldn't be able to use a freestanding cabinet shelf. However, this $20 adjustable gadget has two shelves, and is designed to fit around any existing piping.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon's top-selling sink cabinet organizer is the SimpleHouseware rack, which can expand up to 25 inches in width, and is also adjustable by height. While many other cabinet organizers are simple to assemble, this option is a touch more complicated—it requires a drill, according to the product reviews.

But it's a fantastic solution to organizing all the random items usually laying around in your cabinet. Thanks to this affordable tool, your under-sink cabinet will no longer feel like the island of misfit products.