It apparently tastes like sunshine in a can.

Some people are ready for the cooler weather and pumpkin-spice everything, while others want to hold onto summer for as long as they possibly can. If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll probably be excited to hear that Trader Joe’s has released a brand new sparkling coconut water made with yuzu.

Not familiar with yuzu? It’s an Asian citrus fruit that’s bright and acidic like a lemon, but slightly sweet and floral (very similar to the flavor profile of an orange).

Trader Joe’s is selling a 4-pack of 8.45-ounce cans for $3.99. You can find them in the shelf-stable beverage aisle in your local store—but it looks like you may want to go ASAP, as the beverage has started to catch major attention on social media.

Instagram users are going crazy over this sparkling coconut water with yuzu. They’ve called the drink “delicious and refreshing” and said it kind of tastes like ginger ale. Others remarked, “Love it! Not a big fan of regular coconut water. But this I like. A lot.”

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We’re especially intrigued because this new beverage is healthier than other coconut waters on the market. It’s made from 99 percent juice—just fresh coconut water sourced from Vietnam mixed with pureed yuzu, then topped off with carbonation. In each 8.5-ounce can, there are just 60 calories, 10g of sugar (none of which is added), and 15g of carbs. There’s even a healthy dose of fiber (3g) and potassium (6 percent of your daily value).

We could see this being a refreshing alternative to soda, or as a mixer in a light pina colada. Either way you pour it, we’re excited to get our hands on this drink.