The 10th annual Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards winners might surprise you.

Trader Joe’s asks its cult-like fans to vote for their favorite products every year in their "Customer Choice Awards"—and the results are in for all the new products shoppers welcomed into stores in 2019.

Participants were asked to vote on a favorite product, among others, including appetizers, bakery items, and condiments to determine their most popular private label products. While we were not surprised to see cauliflower gnocchi and "Everything But the Bagel" seasoning top the charts, there was one big surprise.

This year, Trader Joe’s Sparkling Mineral Waters took the top spot in the beverage category. You heard right: a zero-calorie beverage beat out TJ’s wildly popular wines and their Triple Ginger Brew! But with flavors like island colada and cranberry clementine, we see why these are such a big hit among shoppers. Plus, most bottles are well under $1.

While the actual health benefits of mineral water are debated among health professionals, sparkling mineral water has shown to be just as hydrating as flat mineral water, and might even help you kick that soda habit. These drinks are made without any sugar or artificial sweeteners, and we can’t forget to mention you can purchase a whole liter for around a dollar!

Looking for other exciting Trader Joe’s products?

Other notable winners this year were Trader Joe's famous "Teeny Tiny" avocados in the produce category, dark chocolate peanut butter cups for favorite candy, and peanut butter-filled pretzels for the ultimate snack.