Even if you're not following a vegan diet, you'll love this sweet bread.
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There's nothing better than the smell of a freshly baked loaf of sweet bread wafting through your kitchen. The only downsides? Baking can be messy, and it requires a good chunk of your time, whether you're making classic banana bread or a vegan, fall-flavored loaf. That’s why shoppers are going bananas for Trader Joe's latest item to hit bakery shelves: a vegan banana bread loaf with walnuts—a delicious treat that is slowly being rolled out across the nation for just $4.

Currently available in select stores across the Midwest, shoppers first learned about the new vegan banana bread via the Facebook group Vegan Trader Joe's (join if you haven't already!), where TJ's biggest plant-based fans share new items before they hit stores nationwide. The vegan bread was first spotted in stores in Boulder, San Diego, and Portland, Oregon, but other shoppers have reported that it's now available as far east as Libertyville, Illinois.

Like most other sweet breads, Trader Joe's banana loaf does have a significant amount of sugar—but if you stick to just one slice, you'll be just fine. Each serving contains 210 calories and 17g of sugar, alongside 9g of fat (only .5g are saturated). If you have a food allergy, be warned; this loaf is stuffed with walnuts and wheat, so double check the ingredient list before adding it to your pantry.

Love to shop at Trader Joe's? Read on:

If you've been shopping at your local TJ's, you'll notice that the grocery store chain has stocked up on quite a few new vegan items this fall—including pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, pumpkin cereal, canned pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin-spiced almond milk. Many within the vegan Facebook group have said that you can make Trader Joe's pumpkin muffin mix vegan by omitting eggs for applesauce or pumpkin puree, which is another seasonal item that made our "best of" list earlier this fall.

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Vegans have been flocking to Trader Joe's for many years, but we've noticed that the private-label grocer has doubled down on creating new vegan items for loyal shoppers this year. Shoppers are noticing, too: Trader Joe's had a hard time keeping new vegan chicken tenders in stock earlier this year when they first hit shelves (these are priced at $2.99).

More and more home cooks are choosing to eat vegan, plant-based items, even if they don't follow a vegan or vegetarian diet—so we're betting this delicious sweet bread will be a huge hit for those shopping at Trader Joe's this fall.