In the span of two weeks, shoppers have wiped out grocery shelves completely.  
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Quebec is currently experiencing a massive tofu shortage in the wake of Health Canada’s latest dietary guidelines promoting plant-based diets. The province’s two main tofu suppliers—Unisoya and Soyarie—are struggling to keep up with the demand for tofu in grocery stores, according to reports from local newspaper La Presse. Soyarie has said it will stop selling tofu to major chains in the Canadian region until they can work out supply issues.

This may seem like the tofu lovers’ equivalent to everyone flooding gyms in January, but Charles Charlebois, a Canadian food distribution and policy professor, said this may end up being a good thing for both grocery stores and tofu consumers in the long run.

“It’s actually good news if there are expansion projects going on in tofu,” Charlebois told vegan blog Livekindly. “It means that financiers in the tofu sector expect demand for tofu to increase over time.”

Fortunately, both companies are expanding their factories and working to make their supply meet the spike in demand for the soy-based meat alternative. And, from the looks of it, that demand isn’t going to decrease anytime soon.

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