You don't need to be a Target RedCard holder, either.
Credit: Getty: VIEW press / Contributor

There are already so many reasons shoppers love to spend time at Target—so much so that scientists have actually studied the phenomenon in the past, coining the phrase the "Target effect." We have a feeling that the "Target effect" will be in full force this holiday season, because the retailer just made shopping so much easier and cheaper. And unlike other retailers, you won't need any special membership or credit card to take advantage of this new holiday benefit.

This week, Target announced it’s expanding delivery and pickup options for shoppers who buy online—and one of those benefits is free two-day shipping on ALL orders. Yes, you read that right: from November 1 all the way up until December 22, Target will ship any eligible item (even if it’s just $1!) within a two-day turnaround for free. No promo code needed!

Normally, online Target shoppers are granted free shipping at the $35 threshold, no membership required—a stark contrast to Amazon's Prime membership, which grants two-day shipping to all orders (with a newly raised membership fee of $119). Target's main competition, Walmart, also offers free two-day shipping with a $35 minimum—but no traditional big-box retailer has ever offered free expedited shipping without a minimum.

And if you shop at Target for healthy, affordable staples, you'll be happy to hear that the retailer is also expanding its same-day delivery options with Shipt, the grocery delivery service that they purchased last year. More than 200 zip codes will enjoy same-day delivery by the end of the year.

More tips and tricks for shopping at Target:

After opening a new store in Vermont, Target officially has stores in every state in the nation—so they're also expanding the "Drive Up" service from coast to coast, where shoppers can make their purchases online and simply have an employee load their car when they arrive. More than 1,000 stores will have this option by the end of this month, a company release says.

What kind of items will be eligible for the fast, free shipping, you may ask? While the company's release alludes to "hundreds of thousands of items" being shipped for free, many gifts—from toys to clothing to electronics—will likely be marked eligible for free two-day shipping, which just made last-minute shopping that much easier.