This Archer Farms product contains less calories, fat, and sugar than many dairy ice creams on the market.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

If you've been to your local Target lately, you’ve probably noticed they added more private label products to shelves. They’ve actually added over 100 new items, all of which are designed to be healthier and more convenient for shoppers. But the latest expansion of Target's Archer Farms label includes an ice cream that contains no dairy or animal products, making it the ultimate dessert for vegans or those with dairy sensitivities.

The frozen dessert is made with almond milk (the first item on a rather short and clean ingredient list) and is currently available in stores in seven different flavors: Cashew Caramel, Caramel Brownie, Mocha Almond Fudge, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough, and Strawberry & Fudge. Each pint retails for $3.59, and they're now available in Target stores across the nation.

You may think these flavors sound way too decadent to be enjoyed regularly, but these non-dairy options contain a fraction of the calories, fat, and sugar found in popular dairy ice creams.

Here are three ways you can shop smarter at Target:

The nutritional profile varies by flavor, but each 2/3 cup serving contains between 200 and 250 calories and about 20g of sugar. It's important to note that every flavor of Archer Farms' frozen dessert is made with coconut oil, which means the sat fat can be as high as 7g per serving. The Strawberry and Fudge flavor contains the least amount of sat fat (6g per serving), which is a little more in line with Cooking Light's nutritional guidelines.

Ben & Jerry's, which recommends a serving size of 1/2 cup (so, less than Archer Farms' non-dairy blends), has 50 more calories, 3g more saturated fat, and the same amount of sugar per serving as Target’s new non-dairy blends. If that doesn't make you want to ditch the dairy, we don’t know what will.