Whether you're sharing a treat or eating your feelings this week, the upscale dessert maker has got you covered.

There's been a flurry of our favorite dessert brands trying to give their products a healthier vibe in 2018—possibly due to the way that ultra-light ice-cream maker Halo Top dominated the market (though it's debatable whether the stuff is actually good for you).

Now Minnesota-based Talenti, is joining the fray, having just released a slew of new gelato flavors that cut back on sugar by substituting monk fruit as an alternative sweetener.  

Talenti managed to slash sugar in half compared to a traditional ice cream, with each serving containing only 120 calories.

The batch of new flavors, which include vanilla cinnamon, mint cookie crunch, and chocolate fudge swirl, are already in stores and are priced between $5 and $6. While only those three are directly sweetened using monk fruit, there are a handful of new additions to the classic lineup, which in total includes 40 different varieties.

The brand has made the needs of dietary-restricted consumers a major part of their lineup, with fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and kosher varieties. But these new monk fruit-sweetened flavors have tackled another huge group: Those watching their sugar levels.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Talenti.

Monk fruit is a small green gourd that has skyrocketed in popularity as a sweetener. You can find granulated monk fruit extract in the non-calorie sweetener section. Like other alternative sweeteners, it's much sweeter—by about 150-200 times. A little certainly goes a long way.

But don't think that the lack of calories in monk fruit sweetener give you carte blanche to start adding it to everything you're making—real sugar isn't necessarily unhealthy for you if you watch just how much you're eating. In fact, Alternative sweeteners can be harmful, with some studies suggesting they alter your gut microbiome, and may lead, paradoxically, to weight gain.

While you can rest easy knowing Talenti's newest flavors are considerably lightened compared to other options in the frozen aisle, it's important to remember moderation is key. We're not sure if love was in the air when Talenti decided to release this seemingly must-have dessert during what is a trying time for many of our single cooks, we're sure happy the option is out there for a sweet Valentine's Day.