But, if you’re gluten-free, there are still *some* things you can enjoy off the Starbucks menu.

The fact that Starbucks just got rid of its Canadian bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese breakfast sandwich probably isn’t a big deal if you’re not a gluten-free eater—there are more than 10 breakfast sandwiches on the menu, after all. But the decision to remove the offering, just a year after it was added, means gluten-free diners won't be able to eat sandwiches at Starbucks any longer. And more than a few Starbucks customers are understandably upset.

According to Business Insider, a Starbucks representative said the decision to remove one of the very few certified gluten-free items from the menu was due to poor sales.

"No more gluten free breakfast sandwich???" writes one Starbucks customer, posting on the coffee chain's official Facebook page to vent her frustration. "Guess me and my gaggle of children will find somewhere else to patronize who actually cares about people with special food needs… and no I’m not gonna [sic] order egg bites... they are nasty."

In an interview with Business Insider, a Starbucks representative assured customers that there are other gluten-free options to choose from. "Customers looking for gluten-free options can also enjoy two varieties of Sous Vide Egg Bites which we recently introduced and are made without gluten-containing ingredients, and a variety of packaged foods, including the Marshmallow Dream Bar, bars by KIND. That's It, or a container of Siggi's Yogurt."

Starbucks has been making national headlines for the last couple of weeks as it reorganizes its store policies, most recently deciding to allow anyone access to bathrooms in stores. While Starbucks has recently added new, healthier additions to their menu, this decision to remove the gluten-free breakfast sandwich due to poor sales could open the door to other healthy items making a sudden exit, too.