Get ready to up your sparkling water game.
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Credit: San Pellegrino, Cooking Light

For the first time in 120 years, S.Pellegrino has introduced new Mediterranean fruit-flavored sparkling mineral waters—a line of new products that's a departure from its standard mineral water.

The collection is called “Essenza,” and the new flavors include: Lemon & Lemon Zest, Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate, and Tangerine & Wild Strawberry. The best part? This fruit-forward collection is made to be paired with your favorite foods.

According to a press release from the brand, the Lemon & Lemon Zest flavor has an “intense citrus aroma” and pairs well with “light-flavored dishes such as your favorite shellfish, fresh greens, and seasonal fruit.” The Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate flavored water has “a strong aroma of fine red fruits” and pairs well with “flavorful dishes such as roasted vegetables, premium red meats, rich sandwiches, and chocolate desserts.” Lastly, the Pomegranate and Tangerine & Wild Strawberry smells like the “citrusy zest of tangerine, balanced with wild strawberries” and pairs best with medium-flavored dishes such as sautéed vegetables, white meat, or freshly made pasta.

The new S.Pellegrino Essenza collection is available at Walmart for $21 per case. Each case has 24 11.5-ounce cans (making each can less than a dollar, which is pretty affordable for sparkling water!). If you don’t want to lug around heavy cases of water, you can also order S.Pellegrino's products through Amazon Prime for the same price.

We’re big fans of sparkling water—it has zero calories, and hydrates you just as well as still water. Plus, if you’re trying to cut back on soda, the carbonation gives you those satisfying bubbles you’re after—without the extra calories, sugar-packed syrups, or artificial ingredients.