It's opening in Dallas, but the concept could roll out to other locations in the future.

Cashierless grocery stores sound like something straight out of a futuristic movie, but since Amazon launched their Go store in Seattle, other retailers are following suit. Sam’s Club is rolling out technology in one of their stores that enables shoppers move at top speed through aisles and checkout via a mobile application.

Sam's Club is opening a brand new store in Dallas, Texas, and it’s a huge departure from the membership-only stores that you're familiar with. It's called "Sam's Club Now," and in addition to removing cashiers, it'll be about the quarter of the size of a traditional Sam's Club store. In order to shop at the new store, customers will have to scan the barcodes of items they want to purchase using a mobile app.

The app you'll need to download is called "Scan & Go," but it'll help you do way more than just pay for your groceries. According to a corporate blog post announcing the opening of Sam's Club Now, shoppers will be able to seamlessly create a shopping list on the app and also use it to physically locate items in the store (no more helpless wandering). You'll even be able to use your voice to search for a product you'd like to buy. (Imagine asking Siri where the hummus is located?!)

But, what if your phone dies or if you need further assistance? For those who are wary of technical difficulties, you'll be happy to hear that Sam's Club Now will employ "Member Hosts," or employees who will float around the store to help.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Sam's club.

"Think of these associates as the concierge of the club," writes Jamie Iannone, Sam's Club CEO, in the blog post. "We'll empower them with new technology that will allow them to serve members better and faster. We've known for a long time our associates make the difference, and that won't change just because shopping preferences evolve."

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Credit: An example of how shoppers will be able to scan their purchases. Photo courtesy of Sam's club.

No cashiers and mobile checkout sounds futuristic enough, but the new Sam's Club will also have electronic shelf labels that automatically change when prices needed to be updated. The new store will also take advantage of augmented reality to illustrate products digitally, which will coincide with the new Scan & Go mobile app.

"We also have plans to use augmented reality to transform members’ digital carts into pirate ships," Iannone writes. "Or maybe you'd prefer a rocket? More on that soon!"

While all these new changes sound mind-boggling, we're excited to see that the Sam's Club Now concept will focus on providing easy solutions for mealtime—including ready-to-eat meals and snacks that could help you stay healthy on the go.

You should expect for prices and membership fees to be the same as traditional Sam's Club locations, as well as services like delivery and online ordering, but this new concept could influence how Sam's Club members will shop in the future.