Here's how to enjoy tea time with a set of china designed by the Queen herself.


Maybe you haven't invested in a set of fine china just yet, but does a custom set commissioned by the Queen of England strike your fancy? If so, you're in luck—Buckingham Palace just released a set of fine china ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day.

The elegant collection of wedding china is characterized by a Wedgwood blue motif, and each piece is adorned in Harry and Meghan's initials—H and M. You can eat delicate biscotti off the couple's official china dinner plates or enjoy English tea in a china tea mug. Want to complete your set? There's also a royal tankard, pillbox, and decorative ornament available for purchase.

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“The exclusive design shows a monogram surmounted by the coronet of Prince Harry, and tied together with white ribbons," says Buckingham Palace officials via their Instagram page. "The decorative borders are inspired by the mid-thirteenth century Gilbert’s doors at St. George’s Chapel.”

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If you happen to be in London, you're able to take a stroll to the Queen's shop in Buckingham Palace (as well as the shop at Windsor Castle) and pick up your set in person, according to Metro UK.

But don't worry if you can't cross the pond before then—you can get yours online before the May 19th ceremony, as Buckingham Palace will ship a set directly to your home. The collection ranges from $25-$60 a piece, and shipping to the United States starts at $25.

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If you're feeling guilty about feeding your royals obsession with a piece of $60 china, you should know that the family is donating all proceeds to the Royal Collection Trust, a British charity that finances publications, educational programs, and exhibitions—so really, it’s money well spent.