And that it's okay.
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It's definitely safe to say that Reese Witherspoon is no stranger to delicious recipes—after all, the 42-year-old actress and producer just penned a wildly popular guide to all things Southern culture (including recipes!), Whiskey in a Teacup, and has successfully pioneered a line of kitchen must-haves at Crate & Barrel.

But the new author took a minute to remind all home cooks that failure happens to everyone, even if you're one of Hollywood's most beloved tastemakers—and that it's totally a part of the learning process.

Over the weekend, Witherspoon posted a candid picture of herself on Instagram holding what appears to be the world's largest slab of melted brie cheese—apparently, she made the mistake of letting it get a little too melty in a hot oven. There's a bunch of fresh toppings, including pecans, peaches, apricots, and fresh honey, delicately laying atop of the massive cheese wheel—unfortunately, all burnt to a crisp.

If you already have a copy of Whiskey In a Teacup, you'll piece together that Witherspoon was attempting to make her Baked Brie recipe. Here's the thing—there are literally four steps to Witherspoon's cheese appetizer. One of them is preheating the oven.

The best part? On her page for the Baked Brie recipe (page 222, if you're following along), Witherspoon takes the time to warn everyone that brie can, well, melt easily in the oven. "It is easy for the cheese to melt completely and the topping to burn if you don't watch it carefully," the last step of the recipe reads.

And yet, even if you've done it a million times, you can still mess it up. We've all been there, right? Sometimes, recipes are so shockingly simple (like these sheet pan dinners, for example) that they become one of our favorites—and whether its kids running around the kitchen or because you've been working for 10 hours straight, we still manage to #foodfail.

Reese totally gets it: "That one time I failed miserably at making my famous Baked Brie. Instead I made it explode. It happens people," she captioned her post.

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While we're unsure if Witherspoon tossed that cheese or not (hey, if it were me, I would have picked at the gooey parts, right?!), it's great to see that screwing up is truly a part of the process of becoming a better home cook. If there's one thing that Witherspoon's Whiskey in a Teacup teaches us all, both novice cooks and those of us who have been cooking for years, it's that mistakes are okay—and that the best of us shrug off mistakes and try again the next day.