The best part? It's totally free.
Credit: Getty: Monica Schipper / Stringer

If you've always wanted to see where Ree Drummond, star and host of Food Network's The Pioneer Woman, creates and cooks all of her recipes, there are a few behind-the-scenes photos you can check out. Or, for the next two weeks, you can actually walk into Drummond's kitchen—lovingly referred to as "The Lodge"—at the Drummond Ranch.

If seeing Ree's kitchen firsthand sounds like a dream come true, this next bit might just have you packing your bags for a last minute trip to Oklahoma. The Drummond family says they're opening Drummond Ranch (yes, the ranch where the show is filmed) to all visitors for free. All you have to do is head to Drummond's home store, The Mercantile, and pick up your tickets, which are available starting today.

The catch is that you must show up in person to get your tickets—these freebies aren't available in advance, and they're only valid on the day you pick them up. But there's no limit to how many tickets you can ask for, and the Drummond family has made it easy to plan your trip because they've posted all the tour dates on The Mercantile's website.

According to Ree's Instagram, the family will be welcoming fans both before and after Christmas!


“This is The Lodge on our ranch, where we have family gatherings and cowboy lunches (and where I film my @foodnetwork show!),” she wrote. “It's open for free tours all this week, as well as the week after Christmas!”

Steal the Pioneer Woman's best food hacks for yourself:

You'll be able to walk freely throughout the compound and check out the kitchen that Ree cooks in every day. You'll also be able to take photos, so get ready to make your friends jealous.

“Walk through, check out the nooks and crannies, and look out the windows at the Osage County countryside," Drummond writes on Instagram. "P.S. Please forgive my junk drawers… this is a working kitchen, man.”

Maybe you'll even get to see Ree's ultra-organized refrigerator and glean some inspiration for your own? Now that's a true Christmas miracle.