It's called "Eat (Red) Save Lives" and it's asking food fans for just 20 cents.
Credit: Courtesy of Eat RED Save Lives.

If (RED), the recognizable charity brand aiming to raise funds towards AIDS prevention and awareness, wanted to get the attention of foodies, they've just done it. Their new campaign, which features a slew of celebrity chefs, makes a compelling point in a new 30 second PSA.

The campaign is called "Eat (RED) Save Lives" and it's coming to more than 250 restaurants near you after it launched last week. There are more than a few opportunities for diners and shoppers to raise money for the brand's charitable contributions, but the amount that the AIDS advocacy group is looking to highlight is seemingly insignificant—just 20 cents.

You'll recognize many of the faces joining (RED)—lifestyle icon Martha Stewart, Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi, bestselling cookbook author Elizabeth Falkner, and James Beard Award winner Dana Cowin, among others.

The campaign focuses on the affordability of medication for HIV and AIDS prevention and healthcare by relating cost to things home cooks buy everyday—cheese, steak, peanuts.

Throughout the month of June, (RED) has partnered with restaurants across the country to designate certain menu items as "red," meaning patrons who order these dishes will also be helping raise proceeds to aid the organization's efforts.

Blaze Pizza, a made-to-order pizza chain, is one of the more widespread brands to offer these dishes, with more than 250 restaurants across the country—but interested diners can see which local establishments are giving back to (RED) by viewing the full list right here.

If you're unable to get to a participating restaurant this month, consider a sweet, gluten-free treat with a (RED) branded box of Dana's Bakery macarons. Each box is shipped for free, and every order placed is another $5 added to (RED)'s fundraising campaign—according to the video above, that's enough to provide essential HIV medication to an individual for nearly a month.

For more information on Eat (RED) Save Lives, as well as to peruse a collection of kitchen items from brands such as Le Creuset that are also used in fundraising efforts, click here.