Prince Harry’s nutritionist is a big fan of this particular diet to help her clients lose weight.
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Once upon a time, Prince Harry made headlines for being a regular on the party circuit—but that all changed when he met his fiancée, Meghan Markle. Now, headlines surrounding the royal couple have to do with Prince Harry's total health transformation in advance of his big day on May 19.

It's no secret that Markle has been a good influence on the Prince, with her healthy approach to a vegan diet and fondness for home cooking. But her influence has also pushed Harry to make drastic lifestyle changes and, according to the New York Daily News, the groom-to-be has already lost 10 lbs. Here’s how he’s lost the weight.

He hired a nutritionist.

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Gabriela Peacock is one of London’s best dietitians and has previously transformed the royal diets after the Queen's physician sought her out in 2013. Healthy dieters in Britain are already familiar with Peacock, as she's launched her own line of popular nutritional supplements. Prince Harry most likely takes supplements to help boost immunity, energy levels, weight loss, and combat sleep deprivation.

He's following a new, restricted diet.

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One of Peacock's signature programs involves a strict diet that is light on sugar, heavy on protein, and totally dairy-free. Some of Peacock's favorite meals to help her clients lose weight are high in natural antioxidants, including a regular rotation of fruit- and veggie-heavy smoothie bowls, according to Vogue.

Markle has also turned to the Dukan Diet, which was used by Kate Middleton before her wedding to Prince William in 2011. The Dukan Diet is one of Cooking Light's top diets of 2018.

He's amping up his workouts.

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Markle has been spotted getting her workout in at KX Gym, and she's convinced the Prince of Wales to join her at the fitness club where memberships run upwards of $1,000 a month. According to The Cut, Harry is training daily with a personal trainer, and will ramp up his routine until the wedding.

He's quit smoking.

Finally! Harry has quit one of the unhealthiest habits in the world with the encouragement of his bride-to-be. The Daily News reports the particular reason that finally pushed the Prince of Wales to put down his signature Marlboros: Markle is aiming to have children sooner rather than later. “One of the reasons she got him to quit smoking is because smoking affects sperm production,” a close source told the newspaper.

He's taking a break from alcohol.

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Another important lifestyle change for anyone wishing to regain control of their health, Prince Harry has dramatically cut back on alcohol consumption in advance of the wedding. While going dry certainly won't work against any plans for weight loss you might have, the key to enjoying cocktails and remaining healthy is moderation. To discover which liquors are best for a wholesome diet, check out our guide here.