Keeping this kind of resolution is way easier (and better for you!) than a crash diet.
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Cooking more meals at home is gearing up to be a top new year’s resolution for 2019, according to a new survey conducted by online grocer Peapod. The company’s third annual survey found out of the over 1,000 adults surveyed, 77 percent said they would rather eat a home-cooked meal, while 59 percent of millennials said they are prioritizing cooking more in the new year. Food Navigator presented the results of this survey in a report found here.

Those who prioritized cooking more at home noted their main reason for doing so was to save money—others said they'd like to eat healthier, and even more said they'd cook more at home as a way to spend time with family. Convenience was also a factor, with 47 percent of participants planning to take advantage of options like meal kit and home grocery delivery services in 2019.

More than half of survey respondents also said they wanted to replace more processed foods with fresh ingredients: 48 percent noted they already cut out meat at dinner at least once a week. The upward trend of cooking at home is far from over—recent retail data suggests that eating out is getting increasingly more expensive, even in the fast food category.

If you're among those hoping to use your kitchen more in the new year and you've come to our site for help, we're happy to help you embark on your cooking journey—wherever you may be.

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Good Food Fast can be your resource for ordering healthy meals at any restaurant, and could help your family get excited about eating healthy in the process. We understand that resolutions aren't always the easiest to keep, so this page is dedicated to helping you stay healthy on those hard days when there's simply not enough time to whip up a meal at home—we've all been there.