Say goodbye to that gross puddle of oil on top of your peanut butter forever.

I'm not a huge peanut butter lover. I don’t buy it in bulk, since a single jar will usually last me a couple of months. But I've noticed it only takes a couple of days for a thick layer of oil to appear on the top of my favorite peanut butter, a $3 chunky spread I always buy from Trader Joe's.

When I want to enjoy a slice of peanut butter toast, or smear some PB on a few banana slices, I end up shoving my fork into the depths of the jar and mixing it together until my hands hurt. Even then, there's always a small film of oil floating on top of the jar, which irritates me to no end.

The same is true for almond butter, by the way—I'm constantly churning nut butters when I open my jars.

How to make delicious nut butters at home:

But as a recent post from LifeHacker points out, Reddit users have actually found a very easy solution to avoiding a peanut butter-induced oil slick, especially if you buy natural or organic varieties.

The magic trick? Simply store your peanut butter jar upside-down. The natural oils will gather at the top of the jar, which in this case, would be the bottom of the jar(!).

As Redditors pointed out, this method only works for natural products—if you prefer commercial varieties like Jif, for example, you wouldn't need to worry about stirring. Use this hack for natural nut butters that you've purchased at your favorite store, or have even made yourself (the DIY option from Whole Foods is a great example).