The chain is offering customers a free cup of soup on May 9 as they launch delivery options at all of their stores.
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Calling all Panera Bread fans! Some news for you: Tomorrow you can snag a cup of soup, and it’s completely free. Seasonal favorites, like Panera's summer corn chowder, always have foodies buzzing, and permanent menu items, like the better-for-you broccoli cheddar soup, are family favorites anytime of year.

Why is soup free? The chain is launching a delivery service at every Panera store across the United States, which means you can have your free soup and get it delivered, too. Use the code "PANERADELIVERS" on any delivery order tomorrow, and your choice of soup is completely free.

Panera announced the expansion of their service delivery to 897 cities across 43 states starting today, May 8. Delivery will be available at most cafes for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, which ought to be a lifesaver. You'll have to spend at least $5 before tax, and also shell out an additional $3 in most markets.

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Though the bakery-chain is known for clean eating, no-preservative options, and a fresh take on fast food, be choosy in what you get: Some of the chain's offerings aren't diet-friendly. Snag one of Panera’s healthier soup options like their low-fat vegetarian black bean soup or low-fat vegetarian garden soup with pesto. Then, pair your free soup with a healthy sandwich choice or one of our nutritionist-recommended Panera combinations.

In the past, Panera released plant-based menus to make it easier for customers to find vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. In addition, their CEO recently urged other chains to reexamine their kids’ meals to offer healthier alternatives. The fast-casual restaurant also made headlines recently when they recalled cream cheese over listeria concerns and accidently released customer information in a data breach.