Oprah took to Instagram to share her favorite interpretation of this classic (and healthy!) egg breakfast.

When you're as busy as Oprah Winfrey, breakfast can definitely seem like a hassle—but the media mogul has found the easiest way to enjoy a rich, protein-heavy breakfast right in her own kitchen. With the help of a professional chef, Max Boonthanakit, Oprah has fallen in love with boiled eggs over a bed of kale and quinoa dressed up in a simple red tomato sauce. If that sounds familiar, it is—Oprah's new favorite breakfast is a riff on shakshuka, a dish so easy that you can make in your own kitchen (no professional help necessary).

Oprah's took to Instagram to share how shakshuka has become a mainstay of her morning routine. She had a little trouble pronouncing the dish at first—it’s pronounced "shack-shoe-kah," if you're wondering—but she explained why she can't get enough.

"I just like a boiled egg for breakfast—just a boiled egg," Winfrey explains. "This is a boiled egg with crispy kale on a bed in some quinoa and tomato sauce. I wanted a boiled egg and I got shakshuka—okay! Here's to shakshuka.”

Shakshuka is a one-skillet dish often served in the Mediterranean and Middle East, and the traditional version involves poached eggs in a tomato sauce. If you're looking for a true-to-form shakshuka recipe, Cooking Light has a classic version right here.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

We've also reinvented the flavors of a classic shakshuka to make a paleo-friendly version using spaghetti squash, which sounds like the most delicious (and in season!) breakfast we'll eat this month. Our shakshuka squash contains only 179 calories, 10g of fat, and 330mg of sodium—a filling breakfast for any dieter.

You may already be eating your own form of shakshuka at home: Some home cooks lovingly refer to it as "Eggs in Purgatory," which can be made lighter and healthier by taking some of the flavors of a classic shakshuka and making it in a slow cooker. Cooking Light's version of this play on shakshuka is ready in as little as 15 minutes, and the entire breakfast clocks in at just 286 calories. You'll also enjoy 18g of protein and 7g of fiber, as well as a generous amount of iron and calcium.

If you're looking for more breakfast inspiration that’s healthy and easy for hectic mornings, take a peek at Cooking Light's collection of superfast recipes, or dishes you can make and serve in 20 minutes or less.