It's not a pre-measured portion of concentrate, either.

Trader Joe's has been very busy adding new, exciting (and healthy!) products to stores over the last few weeks—more alternative milks, including a new blend of several different nuts, and an ever-growing list of vegetarian and vegan items, like these vegan-friendly chicken tenders.

Coffee lovers will be super excited to hear that Trader Joe's is now making cold brew coffee much cheaper to get.

They're Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee Bags, and they work like tea bags: You just drop one in a water pitcher overnight and it slowly steeps, so you can enjoy the low-acid, low-bitterness benefits of cold brew without even leaving the house in the morning.

For a family who might not have time to brew coffee (or even cook breakfast) in an early morning rush, this new Trader Joe's product is a much better alternative to the existing concentrate product that TJ's currently stocks. Two of these new coffee bags turn seven cups of cold water into a whole pitcher's worth of fresh cold brew without much effort or thought.

More on how to healthy hack Trader Joe's:

Each package holds four steeping bags, meaning you can adjust your serving sizes to however much coffee you want. Three and a half cups of coffee for a single bag and a single home cook—or use the whole pack for a whopping 14 cups if you're hosting a brunch where fresh coffee is a must.

The bags sell for $5.99 a pack, which means that each glass of cold brew works out to be just about 43 cents—or a heck of a lot cheaper than at your local coffee shop. It's a great hack for a delicious drink right in your own kitchen.