Made by a company called Hodo, they can be found at numerous high-profile restaurants—and now at grocery stores around the country.
Credit: Photos courtesy of Hodo.

If you've had the chance to visit Sweetgreen, the fast-casual salad chain with 77 different locations across California, New York, DC, and a few other states, you know that one of their best features is the tofu, a must-have even for many meat eaters.

The secret to Sweetgreen's tofu, or those dishes on the West coast at least, is that it is supplied by a California-based tofu producer called Hodo. Founded in 2004, Hodo has since become one of the fastest-growing companies in the ever expanding plant-based protein industry, rivaling the likes of Tofurky with intriguing flavors—it also supplies all Chipotle locations across the nation.

According to Bloomberg, Hodo's signature products are now available at Whole Foods Markets across the nation. If you have yet to taste Sweetgreen's tofu, you'll be able to do so at home without too much effort: Hodo's offerings at Whole Foods are all ready-to-eat and include a few products you can add to any meal.

At Whole Foods, you'll find a pair of tofu meals that you can eat on the fly—including the brand's Thai curry tofu nuggets, which are braised in lemongrass and turmeric, sold for $5.49 a pack. Each serving of the nuggets pack in 17g of protein, about 30 percent of what vegetarians and vegans should be eating every day, and just 160 calories as well as 410mg of sodium.

Other options include Hodo's sesame yuba noodles—yuba is a byproduct of organic soy milk, which is naturally high in protein as well—tossed in a homemade tahini sauce, sold for $6.99. You can also look for cubed Chermoula tofu, rubbed in advanced with coriander, paprika, garlic, and cumin, which is sold at $5.49 for a 7oz pack. Of course, Hodo's firm and braised tofu will also be available, sold at $4.19 each.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Hodo.

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There's a chance you may already be familiar with Hodo—the tofu maker products, which are USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan, have been available in Whole Foods Markets within the Northern California region since 2007. Hodo tofu has also been scattered elsewhere in about 2,000 stores across all fifty states, including Mom's Organic Market and Big Y stores.

According to Bloomberg, Hodo produces more than 40,000 pounds of soy-based products each day to be cooked and resold at establishments like the Michelin-starred State Bird Provisions in San Francisco. Pointing to Nielsen data, Bloomberg reports that Hodo rakes in $15 million each year, revenue that continues to experience year-over-year growth of nearly 36 percent annually.