No Redcard? No problem. You'll soon be able to  unlock discounts—and get cash back.
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Credit: Getty: Bloomberg

Fans of Target know the best way to cash in on savings is to hold a Redcard, the retailer's branded credit card. Shoppers can use it for free shipping and to save 5 percent on each and every purchase they make.

But Target is now testing a loyalty program that will give cash back to every single customer—no credit card necessary. And did we mention the serious discounts?

The program is being called "Target Red," and customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are the first shoppers to sign up. Customers who have enrolled in the free program can earn 1 percent back on each Target purchase they make, and those savings will be redeemable on future purchases, according to Target's corporate blog.

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And that's not all. Diehard Target fans will be happy to hear that the new loyalty program will eliminate the $5 delivery fee for any Restock order, a program where shoppers can fill a 45lb box with grocery essentials and have it delivered by the next day.

And, most importantly, all customers who sign up for the free Target Red program will be eligible for a 50 percent discount on Shipt's $99 annual membership fee.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

Signing up seems like a no-brainer, but Target hasn't made it clear when (and, sadly, if) they plan to roll out Target Red to customers outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Target's Redcard had experienced growth up until 2013's massive data breach—but a spokesperson said the retailer is hoping this will entice more shoppers to sign up for a credit card, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Shoppers are able to use Target's Cartwheel program to find discounts and deals until Target Red becomes a reality for all of those shoppers who simply can't resist a trip to the Bullseye.