The classic Chobani taste that you know and love comes in a new squeezable tube.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Chobani.

I have a mayonnaise addiction, and no matter how hard I try to make my condiment obsession a little bit healthier—either by making it from scratch or opting for healthier canola mayo—sometimes I wish there was another option that wouldn't ruin an otherwise healthy meal.

Enter yogurt. And no, you won't be opening up a big tub and scooping out clumsy spoonfuls—Chobani has released a new product that allows you to directly squeeze their signature Greek yogurt onto any dish.

Chobani says they released their new Savor line of products as alternatives to traditional condiments and sour cream. There are two different varieties—one made with whole milk and the other with low-fat milk—which both come in 14oz squeezable tubes. They look and feel just like any other condiment tube would—you just squeeze out the yogurt onto your meal using the resealable cap (kind of like ketchup!)

Credit: Photo courtesy of Chobani.

The new condiment isn't made with any added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavoring, and is certified gluten-free. Chobani's whole milk variety has just about 1 more gram of saturated fat than the variety made with 2% milk—but each serving contains just about 20 to 30 calories and only 10mg of sodium.

Compared to traditional sour cream, Chobani Savor has 50 percent less calories, 75 percent less fat, and more than double the protein found in many popular brands.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Chobani.

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Swapping Chobani's yogurt for mayo is even more of a win for your daily intake—one tablespoon of mayo contains upwards of 100 calories and 10g of fat overall (and who can just stick to one tablespoon, right?). You can still enjoy a creamy, tangy bite in sandwiches, sides, dressings, marinades, and any homemade sauce by swapping yogurt for mayo.

Chobani's new product really can be squirted on anything—from spicy dishes to burrito bowls, to scrambled eggs and baked potatoes, to tacos and chili. In a taste test, Cooking Light editors said that the whole milk variety would make a better swap for mayo, whereas the low-fat product was tangy like sour cream. But every staff member involved said they'd add Chobani's new product to their arsenal of condiments.