Mark your calendars!
Credit: ALDI

With August around the corner, it’s time to start getting serious again—school is about to start back up, and kicking back by the pool will soon be just a sweet memory. Although it’s hard to let go of summer bliss, ALDI is making it easier by releasing three non-alcoholic, booze-flavored salsas next month.

These bad boys hit shelves on August 21, and we have a feeling they won’t last long—especially since these 16-ounce jars cost just $2.29! Plus, they’re an August ALDI Find, so they’re only around for a limited time (or until supplies last).

Blood Orange & Whiskey 

Citrus and whiskey are a match made in heaven (you know this if you’ve ever tried a Bottled Manhattan!) We can only imagine the flavor explosion that we’re going to get from the sweet blood orange mingling with tomatoes and whiskey—sounds like a perfect poolside dip or chicken marinade for your last summer BBQs.  

Pineapple & Rum 

If there’s one thing we love more than sipping on our favorite fruity cocktails in the summertime, it’s upside-down cake. That’s why we’re so excited to get our hands on this flavor! Although salsa reminiscent of dessert may not *sound* appealing, we have a feeling ALDI has hit the nail on the head with this flavor and we’re all in for a tasty surprise! 

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Apple & Bourbon 

Although this one sounds more like a fall-forward flavor, we’re just as excited to try it at our next BBQ. Whether you’re dipping 3-Ingredient Homemade Pita Chips into it or using it for a slow-cooker chicken, this salsa is a delicious way to ease into the delicious flavors of fall while it’s still warm outside.