Healthier living has never been easier. 

Working out and eating well were easy parts of my daily routine—until COVID-19 hit. When I began to socially distance in March, I found myself distancing from my healthy habits, too. Instead of meal prepping and carving out time for yoga, I started ordering takeout and carving out time for Netflix. And while I’m the first to point out that there’s no wrong way to cope with a pandemic, I started to miss the boundless energy and drive I used to have. To get back on track, I decided to try the Neou fitness app

As someone who loves studio-based workouts, I was looking for a workout program that would make me feel like I was in a class with a trainer, despite being in my living room with my dog. The top-rated Neou fitness app not only has a boutique gym feel, but it also sources over 100 real trainers from actual studios across the country, so your workout feels like the real (virtual) deal. Unlike a typical boutique gym, however, Neou is affordable, costing just $50 a year. Plus, you can try it for free for 30 days.

While I was determined to get back into a healthier state of mind, I also wanted to set realistic goals. Hour-long workouts that required access to fancy equipment are a no-go when I’m confined to my 600-square foot apartment — which is why I was pleased to see most of Neou’s workouts could be completed in as little as 10 minutes with just my own body weight. For an added boost of motivation, I joined one of the guided programs to stay on track. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited every time I finished a workout and saw a milestone badge added to my account. It’s the adult equivalent of a gold star. 


To download: $50/year;

The workouts effectively jump started my health journey, but I was also aware that I’d need to streamline my nutrition to see real results. Thankfully, the Neou app also has healthy recipes ideas that are quick, easy, and delicious. I started watching its Neo Cafe channel’s entertaining five-minute videos daily to draw inspiration, and so far, I love the smoothie options as easy post-workout recovery treats and the bulletproof coffee recipe to energize my morning.

They say consistency compounds, and that’s certainly true with the Neou fitness app. What started as a foray back into the workout world slowly turned into a healthy lifestyle makeover. Along with my daily sweat sessions and new nutritious treats, I’m also excited to try out Neou’s Meditation Journey to instill mindfulness into my hectic work days. 

If you’re also looking to shake up your workout regimen, incorporate a few more nutrient-dense meals into your day, or just find some peace of mind, I highly suggest downloading the customer-loved Neou fitness app for your 30-day free trial now.