Chipotle is celebrating National Avocado Day with free guacamole on all website or mobile app orders.  
Credit: SOPA Images/Getty Images


Chipotle is one of our favorite fast-food chains, as it’s easy to load up on a delicious, veggie-heavy meal there. And let’s be honest, their guacamole is even better than homemade! 

We’ve gotten used to paying extra for a dollop of Chipotle’s fresh guacamole, but on Wednesday we won’t have to! The restaurant chain announced it’s celebrating National Avocado Day on Wednesday, July 31, with free guacamole on any order placed via website or mobile app. 

Do you love Chipotle as much as we do?

This offer is limited to one serving of guac per entree—and you can even use your rewards points to snag a guacamole-laden burrito, bowl, or taco at no extra charge. We’re pretty sure this delicious condiment will run out before the end of the day—so make sure to take an early lunch break on Wednesday!