Thanks to undeclared allergens, this food was the top cause of FDA food recalls.  
Credit: Adobe Stock

While the end of the year was full of beef, romaine, and turkey recalls, another food product flew under the radar. Candy made up over 80 percent of food units recalled by the FDA in the final months of the year, according to a data report by Stericycle.

From chocolate-covered cherries to sea salt caramels, several candy manufacturers had to recall their products due to undeclared allergens. One brand, Chukar Cherries, even had two recalls within a month, due to several products being contaminated with milk.

Problems with undeclared allergens rise when products come in contact with allergy-causing ingredients or products produced in the same facility. This is also a problem at restaurants, as various foods can come in contact with each other, even if they make it onto different plates.

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Food recalls were a huge problem at the end of 2018, and if you think they are becoming more common, you’re right. 2019 has already seen its fair share of recalls—from dog food, to pita chips, and now watermelon juice. We promise to keep you up to date on the latest in food recalls to ensure you and your family’s safety.