The most popular item across the board may surprise you!
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Though not everything at Trader Joe’s is perfect, if you do a little digging you can find plenty of  healthy items—from frozen meals to sparkling water. Even our nutritionists love to shop there (seriously, check out our favorite staples for under $5!)

That's why we were so excited when Workwise, a company specializing in customer-relationship management software, released their list of the most-Googled Trader Joe’s products by state. There are so many amazing finds at TJ’s, we wondered what people from each state were digging the most—and what the most popular item across the country would be.

We were especially excited to see that a number of states were digging healthier and plant-based choices. Colorado and Oregon are there for TJ's vegan banana bread, Connecticut and Maine are into the turkey meatballs, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island all like the spanakopita, which is not terribly high in sodium and according to at least one reviewer has a good bit of spinach (but needs more feta).

Not every state had healthy choices, of course. Unsurprisingly Florida seems most interested in the Key Lime pie, which is (unsurprisingly) high in sat fat and sugar, but we'll give them a pass, after all, it is their state pie. And there are a number of other states with sweet tooths, that could stand to start buying more of Trader Joe’s healthier chocolate picks instead.

But the most surprising result was that Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce cinched the top spot in 13 states! We don't know what it is about this particular blend that makes it so good, but Amazon reviewers tend to agree, saying the combo of sweet and spicy works really well, and pairs with almost any protein. As one reviewer put it: "I use it on my Salmon. I do not like salmon that much but with this stuff, I love salmon."

Everything but the Bagel seasoning was only the third most searched-for product, which is pretty surprising, if you ask us, since it’s incredibly versatile!

Wondering which TJ’s product won in your state? Here’s the full list of winners: