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We’re always curious to learn which cookbooks are generating buzz in stores across the nation—and online furniture retailer Joybird is, too. According to PureWow, the team at Joybird looked into the most Googled cookbooks over the last 12 months to reveal which book every state is searching for. They also created a graphic that represents which titles have earned the most search traffic over the last year.

You may think that regional cuisine may come into play, as those who live in the Pacific Northwest probably wouldn't be searching for classic Southern recipes. But the cookbook that's most popular in eight different states is, not surprisingly, The Whole 30: 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom, a cookbook based on the diet that has taken 2018 by storm.


And the second most popular? None other than Magnolia Table, a recently published collection of family recipes and personal anecdotes by HGTV star Joanna Gaines. I was among the first to cook from Magnolia Table this spring and was surprised at some of Gaines' healthier recipes.

If you think you know which cookbook reigns in your home state, check out the full list of titles that home cooks are searching for in each state below:

Alabama and Kentucky: Whiskey in a Teacup

This book gives readers an inside look into actress, producer, and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon’s Southern lifestyle through her Southern recipes and party tips (plus, hair routine!).

Get the Book: Whiskey in a Teacup

Alaska, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming: The Whole30: 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

Our nutritionist isn’t totally sold on the Whole30 diet, but people are definitely searching it. The 30-day diet plan is touted as an opportunity to reset and break regular eating habits, which may lead to weight loss and healthier eating.

Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, Rhode Island, and West Virginia: Thug Kitchen

Focused on getting home cooks to incorporate more vegetables into their daily diets for a myriad of health reasons, this cookbook offers a modern and practical twist to attainable, healthy cooking.

Get the Book: Thug Kitchen

Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Utah: Magnolia Table

We’re huge fans of Joanna Gaines—so much we also snagged her cookbook. The Fixer Upper star shares her classic Southern recipes with ease in mind (a great title for cooking newbies!) for the ultimate dinner party.

Get the Book: Magnolia Table

California: Cooking That Counts

We’re proud to say Cooking Light’s cookbook made the cut in California. The book shares meal plans ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 calories using Cooking Light’s own delicious recipes, meal plans, and health suggestions.

Get the Book: Cooking That Counts

Colorado: True Roots

TV personality Kristin Cavallari shares more than 100 recipes completely free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, but are far from bland or boring.

Get the Book: True Roots

Connecticut and Ohio: The Skinnytaste Cookbook

We love Skinnytaste’s recipes (like this Turkey Cheeseburger Sloppy Joe or these Waffle-Iron Chicken Quesadillas), and her cookbook includes so many more. Every recipes features nutrition facts and takes a low-calorie spin on your favorite meals. You can cook with Gina Homolka of Skinnytaste every month as she contributes to Cooking Light on a regular basis.

New Jersey: Skinnytaste: Fast and Slow

Skinnytaste’s second cookbook takes the stage as most searched in New Jersey, and features Homolka's classic nutritious recipes for weeknight dining. Prep family-friendly meals using the slow cooker or throw together one of her 30-minute meals.

DC and Illinois: Cravings

Chrissy Teigen’s first cookbook compiles all of her favorite recipes, including adorable photos of the model with husband John Legend. Plus, we're among the fans can’t wait for her next cookbook to hit stores.

Get the Book: Cravings

Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Tennessee: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Every Hogwarts fan needs a book that teaches you how to cook everything from Mrs. Weasley’s meat pies to pumpkin pasties from the Hogwarts Express cart.

Georgia: Green Smoothies for Life

Green smoothies are a delicious way to start your day or snack on post-workout, so we definitely understand the buzz. This book promises 30 days of green smoothies for weight loss.

Louisiana and Mississippi: 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

These states are also big fans of author JJ Smith’s smoothies, but are looking for a faster fix. This edition promises 10 days of green smoothie recipes to jumpstart weight loss and cleansing.

Maine and Vermont: Joy of Cooking

Probably the most celebrated American cookbook in culinary history, you’ll find essential recipes for every level of experience. If you don't already own it, buy it now—trust us.

Get the Book: Joy of Cooking

Maryland and Virginia: Sweet Potato Soul

It’s not often you see Southern cuisine cross paths with vegan recipes, but this soul cookbook swaps out meat for plant-based ingredients like sweet potatoes.

Get the Book: Sweet Potato Soul

Massachusetts: Flour

It’s only fitting the Boston-based bakery, Flour, would be the cookbook of choice for Massachusetts locals. The cookbook offers baking tips and of course some of the bakery’s famous recipes.

Get the Book: Flour

New York: Siriously Delicious

Celebrity food blogger and TODAY show contributor Siri Daley released her first cookbook just this year, featuring recipes for busy moms that want something delicious and doable for any kind of cook.

Get the Book: Siriously Delicious

North Carolina: Deep Run Roots

Author and star of A Chef’s Life, Vivian Howard calls North Carolina her home. That’s why she shared this cookbook with the world, using local ingredients that are ideal for those who want to cook straight from her Southern roots.

Get the Book: Deep Run Roots

Oregon: Run Fast. Eat Slow.

We’re all about delicious, healthy food fit for an athlete—and that’s exactly what this book is. With recipes like this Kale-Radicchio Salad with Farro, there’s a reason this cookbook is a best seller. Plus, we can’t wait to get our hands on her newest cookbook.

Get the Book: Run Fast. Eat Slow.

Pennsylvania: Flavor Bible

This James Beard award winning book goes way beyond offering up recipes. Learn from dozens of chef’s experiences teaching how to work around tons of ingredients and flavors.

Get the Book: Flavor Bible

Texas: Bacon and Butter

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diets to try in the weight-loss and health world right now. The diet focuses on increasing your fat and protein intake, while limiting carbohydrates and this cookbook guides you through every step of the way.

Get the Book: Bacon and Butter

Washington: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Another of our favorite celebrity chefs is already working on her sixth cookbook. But any of her classic recipes can be found in previous country-style books that are available on Amazon.

Wisconsin: Appetites

The late Anthony Bourdain’s first cookbook is something every food-lover should own. Full of personal anecdotes and recipes from his travels and life's work in cooking, you’ll want to make add these dishes to your cooking arsenal.

Get the Book: Appetites