Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have not one, but two, kitchens.

Meghan Markle has finally revealed exactly when she and Prince Harry will welcome their firstborn child. According to People, the Duchess of Sussex recently let her due date slip while visiting the town of Birkenhead this week. She told well-wishers in the crowd that she's expecting to welcome the baby in late April.

And while this date is definitely important to the royal couple, there's another to-do on both Harry and Meghan's checklist before then—moving into their new home! Kensington Palace announced last November that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will move into Frogmore Cottage, a small but cozy sprawling estate(!) on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The pair has spent a lot of money—more than $3.8 million, according to the Daily Mail—to refurbish the home, and new reports make it seem like enjoying healthy meals is at top of their list.

The Sun reports that Meghan's new pad will house not one, but two fully equipped kitchens, with one on each level of the renovated farmhouse-style cottage. Markle and Prince Harry's guests will be able to dine al fresco, as the cottage features a large dining room and an outdoor pavilion with plenty of heaters, according to The Sun.

And because the home is situated on 4 acres of private land, it's rumored that there will be an actual farm and garden on the property—which fits right into everything we already know about Markle's love for fresh food.


More on how the royal family stays healthy:

In fact, Markle's love of vegan dishes and fresh staples has seriously rubbed off on Prince Harry, who previously smoked and drank heavily (the pair has given up all alcohol and caffeine in 2019). Harry and Meghan are so committed to staying fit that they've decided to add a full yoga studio, furnished with special flooring, to their new home.

If you're curious what Meghan's kitchens and home will actually look like, Elle has a first look right here. And the Daily Express reports that couple's interior designer is none other than Vicky Charles, the head designer at Soho House, an international members-only club with some of the poshest interiors we've ever seen.

Having two kitchens may be more practical than you think: there's also a two-bedroom guest cottage located near the couple's main home, which means a guest could theoretically whip something up for Meghan and Harry. Either way, we're super jealous—"his and hers" kitchens sound amazing! For home cooks, it's what fairytales are made of.